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Crime Alert

690 Lenfest Road

San Jose, CA 95133

Ph:  800-367-1094

Fax: 408-254-9813



These days, potential intruders are targeting not only valuable merchandise such as laptop computers, flat-screen TVs, cell phones, jewelry, and the like but bank and financial statements, credit cards, passports, and other items of a confidential nature as well. The economic damage done to personal or business finances as a result of the exponential rise in identity theft is immeasurable and could take years to repair.


It’s 3:00 am and your home smoke/heat detector starts blaring. Maybe you hear it, maybe you don’t. Rest assured, as soon as we receive your fire alarm signal at Crime Alert/Your Monitoring Center’s U.L. listed central station, we are calling your home and if we are unable to determine if there is an actual fire, we are dispatching emergency fire personnel to your home.


When you join the Crime Alert/Your Monitoring Center family, it’s our mission to ensure that you receive the highest quality customer service experience possible. You place in us a level of trust far beyond that of most every other service provider in your life. The three main dimensions of trustworthiness are ability, integrity, and benevolence, and we strive 24/7/365 to attain the highest possible customer satisfaction in all three areas.

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