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Brivo  OnAir  -  "Brivo Access Coming 2021"

The Original hosted access control system. Brivo offers the protection you need with the flexibility users want.

The Right Platform for Your needs

Open Doors with your smartphone

Integrations for a Security Ecosystem

Single site, Enterprise, and Multifamily applications are a breeze.


20+ million users, 40+ countries worldwide, and a solid 20 years in the Cloud.

LENEL  -  S2 Onguard

Lenel is continuously advancing the OnGuard Integrated Platform to support the most innovative and integrated security solutions. Designed around open standards, OnGuard software allows customers to better protect and manage their people, property, and assets.

OnGuard uses an open architecture design to seamlessly integrate a full suite of security management technologies tailored to each customer's specific needs.

OnGuard includes a comprehensive portfolio of integrated products and modules designed for use in every major industry and critical business application, all available in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Arabic.


Click this link to see the full spectrum of Netbox options!

Open Options 

DNA Fusion™  is built using the very latest in software development technology. DNA Fusion is designed for the extended enterprise taking full advantage of the Distributed Network Architecture model. DNA Fusion proves to revolutionize the access control industry by removing many of the limitations to enterprise deployment inherent in the typical access control application. DNA Fusion allows you to monitor several systems through a common interface including audio and IP video recording.

DNA Fusion is designed with 100% InfoReady architecture. What this means to you is that your information is always right at your fingertips eliminating the need to run a report, or several reports, to get the data you need.

Sielox  -  Pinnacle Access 

Sielox's Pinnacle® access control solution sets the benchmark for excellence and is widely recognized throughout the security industry. Pinnacle, a feature-rich, event-management software, gives its users greater control over their facilities’ security with maximum flexibility to address current needs and the scalability to address future requirements. It can be configured for a small office, a facility, or integrated across campus with a multitude of access points.


Pinnacle is available in several configurations to match the evolving needs of an organization: Pinnacle Lite, Standard, Plus, and Professional. Scalability from entry to enterprise-level, ease of use, unlimited user expandability, a wide range of administrator option settings, and compatibility with leading third-party solutions are among the many reasons why organizations trust Slielox’s time-tested security solutions for facility management.

Sielox  -  AnyWare 

Sielox AnyWare™ is a new browser-based access control solution that allows authorized individuals the ability to manage their doors and alarm points from anywhere at any time via a variety of networked devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Sielox AnyWare™ supports up to 40 doors and 25,000 cardholders as well as retains one million system events due to our robust event filtering for system reports. AnyWare™ is a simple and scalable access control monitoring and event management for small to mid-sized businesses. Authorized individuals can manage their doors and alarm points from virtually any location via LAN, WAN, WIFI, and high-speed cell phone connections.​

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