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AX Series: Integratable Audio/Video Security System 

The AX Series supports up to 8 interior master stations and 120 doors or interior stations. All components are wired using CAT-5e/6 cable. A wide variety of system components are available to meet almost any specification

  • Two talk channels

  • PTT or VOX operation

  • Master-to-master selective calling

  • All Call between master stations only

  • Composite video output from CEU and master station

  • Standard or priority call levels from door stations

  • Communication privacy

  • Electronic access control integration*

  • CCTV system integration*

  • Selective remote control (e.g. door release)

  • PC interface for programming and event logging

  • Scan monitoring of selected remote stations

  • Rack or wall mountable CEU

  • Calls queued in order of priority and call-in time

  • Compatible with IE Series door stations

  • Optional features: headset, footswitch, call transfer to telephone* and PC remote control


 Polycom RealPresence Trio

Make it feel like everyone's together in the same room. Polycom conference phones are the standard because they deliver the clearest sound to every participant in every location. Our advanced audio technology allows each conference phone to intelligently adapt to different room environments. So everyone can hear and be heard, even when more than one person talks at a time. You'll eliminate confusion and enhance productivity. Not a single word—or opportunity—gets missed.

Experience superior audio conferencing with RealPresence Trio​

  • One-step join experience through calendar integration.

  • Vibrant 5-inch intuitive touch screen interface– initiate your meetings in under one minute.

  • Sleek, modern design with thoughtful touches like a mute button on each leg of the device – never hang up a call again while trying to mute!

  • Simple to use and set up, and is flexible for using multiple meeting environments.


Near Audio - Speakers 

New England Audio Resource (N.E.A.R.) was founded by Bill Kieltyka, a former engineer with the legendary high-end speaker company Bozak, a company known for its innovative curvilinear aluminum speaker cones and the world’s first high quality, full-range, residential outdoor loudspeaker - the Bard. Today, the NEAR® designs take advantage of over 28 years of single-minded dedicated development of outdoor loudspeakers.  From frigid mountain-tops to high-humidity Central America, NEAR speakers have seen it all.  They have been exposed to (and survived) indoor pools with high chlorine content, fertilizer spray, bug and animal infestations.

Heos by Denon - Wireless Speakers 

The music you've always loved is new again with the incomparable sound quality of HEOS wireless home speakers. Fill every room with music. Connect via Bluetooth® or to your Wi-Fi network and listen to High Resolution Audio. And, with almost endless sources for new music--online and streaming--you’ll discover plenty of new faves to enjoy on your wireless home stereo system. Lose yourself in the music

The free HEOS app instantly gives you multi-room audio control, and it can be installed on as many phones and tablets as you like! Command music in every room from any device. Use your multi-room audio system to group several rooms together and play the same song- perfectly synchronized in party mode! Or, play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune.

Sonos - Wireless Speakers 

Want to enjoy your favorite music in crystal clear, high fidelity stereo? You can turn two matching Sonos speakers into a stereo pair using the free Sonos app. With a simple tap, they’ll become dedicated left and right channels, delivering that clean stereo separation that gives your music amazing depth and range. Want to add music to another room? Just tap on the app again––your PLAY:1, PLAY:3, or PLAY:5 pair goes back to working independently.


Bogen - M-Class 

Bogen's M-Class delivers on what professional sound installers need most – Flexibility, Power, and Reliability. Flexibility – 3 modes of operation: Stereo, 70V Mono, or Dual Mono; and 2 modular input bays for a variety of prioritized input types. Power – up to 600W/ch stereo or 1200W of 70V mono power. Reliability – Massive power toroid and heat sinks; heavy 14-gauge chassis; patented Back-Slope™ AC voltage stabilization; Clip limiters, DC voltage, over-current, and thermal protection circuits

Bogen -  Black Max 

Bogen's Black Max amplifiers are designed to provide maximum performance in constant voltage speaker systems. Dual 70V transformerless outputs deliver exceptionally clean, full bandwidth audio to speaker systems. Up to 1200 watts of total output power on two separate channels of audio (up to 600W per channel/zone) are available in a single unit. High-efficiency class H amplifier design and auto-sleep feature reduce power consumption on continuously-powered systems. Specifically designed for the fixed install market with features like rear-mounted volume controls, independent Low Cut filters, independent input sensitivity switches, input channel link switch, and pluggable input screw terminals. Built-in power sequencing for controlling multiple Black Max amplifiers combats AC current in-rush problems of large audio systems. Massive power toroid and heat sinks; heavy 14-gauge chassis; Back-Slope™ AC voltage stabilization; clip limiters; and DC voltage, over-current, and thermal protection circuits make this a true workhorse amplifier.

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