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Empower is a certified, trained Dealer, and Installer. We work with other residential products such as HoneywellDigital Watchdog, and W-box Technologies to name a few.

There are many solutions in the Residential marketplace. We offer

free phone consultations to help identify what solution might

best work for your needs, Video, Alarm, or both.

Localized NVR recording with IP cameras or cloud-hosted recording

are just two of the most common choices for homeowners.


We offer home network evaluations and can consult you on what kind of data package you should have in place for your selected system and how to speak with your ISP


  • I can’t see all of my cameras at the same time.

  • My camera views won't load, they just spin in the boxes.

  • I can't see my cameras when I leave home or while I'm at work.

  • I want to update my cameras, can I use my existing recorder?

  • How do I give my family remote access to our alarm system?


  • Free Phone consultations

  • Technology statement

  • Network health exam and suggestions

  • ROM costs for localized vs hosted systems

  • Central Station monitoring

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