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​UCSF Benioff Children's hospitals have placed among the nation's premier Children's Hospitals in all 10 pediatric specialties, and best in Bay Area in 5.  

"I have worked with Chris and his team at Empower for almost ten years now.  I asked him if he could take over support of our, then, Apollo access control systems at our main hospital location.  I trusted empower with a new satellite installation of Sielox systems at our new Walnut Creek facility and as that facility continued to grow, they expanded our system to add more and more reader doors.  They also provided full-spectrum intrusion alarm solutions for that site as well as monitored services.  Ultimately we contracted Empower to perform a live system cutover from our Apollo badge system to the Sielox system at our main facility in a project that lasted the better part of a year.  Their professionalism in a functioning hospital environment and ability to work with various department heads allowed for a very smooth and steady cutover transition.  They installed new cable to every single reader location using clean tenting methods while being flexible enough to work around various department scheduling needs.  They now support us with every aspect of our hospital badge system and service well over forty active alarm panels in our various facilities.  I would recommend Empower to any client for installation and support of these and similar systems where exacting functionality and professionalism is required.”

Don Mitchell

Former Director of Transportation and Security Services

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Oakland

Intevac provides production-proven solutions for the application and engineering of thin films for the technology and vacuum coating industries and highly advanced digital vision sensors and systems for the defense industry. ​

"I have used the Empower team for nearly a decade and have always been able to count on them for keeping our Sielox system running.   Initially, they assumed service and maintenance of our system from a previous vendor and were able to familiarize themselves quickly with our main and remote sites.  We’ve depended on them through various additions and expansions to our older system and ultimately with retrofitting all new AC-1700 controllers in our facilities to bring us current with Sielox hardware and software.  They maintain our locking hardware and every aspect of the card reader system and always have great acknowledgement and response.  Their synergy with the tech team at Sielox made our recent migration to a Virtual Server Environment for our Pinnacle software a smooth process.  Currently they are helping us migrate to a new Exacqvision VMS platform to manage video from each of our buildings.  I look forward to continuing to partner with them for as long I can and can highly recommend them for support of similar systems.”


Brenda Thrasher

Information Technology Director

Intevac Corporation 

Abaxis provides leading-edge technology, tools, and services that support best medical practices, enabling physicians and veterinarians to respond to the health needs of their clients at the point of care while operating economical and profitable practices.  

"I've worked with Chris and his team for nearly fifteen years now from when he was a former employee of a previous vendor and supported him immediately when he started his own business a decade ago.  I've used Empower for support of my Sielox systems through various evolutions of their Threshold and Pinnacle software systems.  They have helped us with migrating from Legacy Windows 98 and Win 2k installations and with various expansion demands in my Hayward and Union City facilities at the time.  I've continued to use Chris and his team to support my card reader systems at every company I have worked within the last 15 years and will continue to do so.  They support my badge systems from end to end with the controlling hardware, locking hardware of all types, and efficient software support.  They have also supplied us with digital surveillance solutions taking us from good analog technology to great megapixel video solutions using Exacq and Hikvision hardware. I would recommend them to any client looking for a vendor with a deep knowledge base, great professionalism, and response, surpassing most, coupled with a very accessible support team.”


William Sanchez

Facilities Manager 

Abaxis Inc

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